Started in 1999, Vonage is an industry pioneer from the early days of voice over IP technology. From its inception, the company has focused on low-cost internet phone services for residences and small businesses. While the growing popularity of VoIP has given rise to many competitors, Vonage remains one of the largest and most well-known VoIP services, and it's a good option if you’re seeking affordability in a basic provider.

Vonage provides a range of residential and business plans. They vary in terms of price and offer minutes ranging from 400 to unlimited. As do most of the best voice over IP providers we reviewed, Vonage allows calls to Canada and Puerto Rico, but calls to other countries cost extra unless you get the World Plan. All in-network calls are free, and you can keep your original number if you’re switching from a regular landline to an internet phone.

Vonage offers deep discounts for signing up for an annual plan, but make sure you read the small print. The discounts are only for three months, then the price goes up to the regular monthly fee, plus a cancellation fee if you quit before the contract ends. Subsequently, you could end up spending more than you save if you choose to cancel the service.

In terms of features, Vonage competes well with other higher-ranking VoIP providers we reviewed, with standard call forwarding, call block, call transfer and speed dial. If you need fax support or want to use your computer as a softphone, you'll need to pay extra. The service also charges if you want an extra line or toll-free number. Still, for standard home use, the features are ample.

Setting up your VoIP service with Vonage is a simple, three-step process that entails connecting the provided phone adapter with your high-speed internet connection. Vonage also earns high marks for its excellent customer service. The basis of the service’s help and support options is its FAQs section, which is broken up into several different categories, ranging from getting started to managing your account. The troubleshooting section is especially helpful because it asks you questions to get to the root of technical problems you may be experiencing. The Vonage website also provides useful customer forums, contact information and online video tutorials, which are particularly helpful when it comes to setting up the phone adapter.

Vonage Summary:

Although Vonage charges setup and cancellation fees with its annual plans, it remains an excellent VoIP service. Vonage can fit a wide range of needs, with multiple plans to choose from and handy calling features. If you also like the comfort of going with a known leader in VoIP services, then Vonage is well worth consideration.

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Vonage is a reputable, well-known VoIP service that’s easy to set up and equipped with thorough online support.

Vonage charges a setup fee when you sign up for service.

The Verdict
: 8.05/10

Despite some extra fees, Vonage is buoyed by its ease of use, solid reputation and array of feature-rich plans.